How To Write A Rich Response

Usually it’s more than one events the led to why you want to go into medicine perhaps with winning a science fair in school or grade school and also using an updated copy of your resume or CV with the timeline can be especially helpful and this can be you always want to keep an updated copy of your your resume or CV because it’s going to be helpful throughout the the application process but doing things like taking the time while might may sound silly to create a timeline taking the time to do activities like this that are non-traditional that you know may you can maybe draw pictures or look for your old journal to kind of jog your memory. Find out how to enrich your story onĀ Robotdon.

But taking time to reflect like this will actually help you come up with much richer and more interesting responses so give yourself the time in the space if you can you know to do these smaller activities that will lead to a stronger essay with stronger content so I would recommend checking off all the items you’ve already covered in your your primary application and your timeline and you can create a list from the remaining items that you’ve not covered which are related to clinical research work or leadership as well as community service so if there are any items that relate to how you’ve overcome adversity I would put a big circle and a star around those because that’s an especially important area to cover to show perseverance strategically selecting the activities or events that will reveal more about you as a person can help you create an outline for this the essay using the shortlist so really it’s important to highlight critical turning point but don’t worry about including a complete life story that’s very important for you to remember so essay questions about them.

So the second type of question you’re going to get most commonly in secondary applications are essay questions about that so the sample question I have is from Cornell it’s three words why our school and it doesn’t get more succinct than that so basically in this type of question they want to know how much you know about their school and what is important to them it’s important to do your research on these and what are some ways for those of you listening that you can find out more about the school so for those of you participating today what are some ways you can find out more about the school and if you could post that in the question window oh boy everybody woke up here sar Google school website brochure website research on the website Google research yeah past students good current students friends who’ve gotten it in we’re great crowd tonight you too yeah calling them okay all right I think I think we sure they’re ready for it for your your inside mission statement did somebody cover that one already nope not one in the paper.