Read Feedback For Your Work

There was a lovely young woman lecturing for a while she was a very intelligent girl my god she was nervous neurotic I was talking to her about feedback and she said I never read any of the feedback on my university essays I’d get them I’d look at the grade throw them in a corner and I never look at them again and I thought some pork lot of the lecturers spent half an hour going through your essay providing you with feedback and you were too strung up to even look at it and that was just a silly she was a clever girl and she got excellent marks but she could be the world class genius if she had taken notice of her feedback okay.

So the trouble is when you get your feedback depending on how enthusiastic your lecturer is feeling it can be covered with stuff and it’s really hard to sort out the corrections if you’re spelling mistake not to mention the apostrophes from the stuff that really matters now I must admit I’m a bit like that I just can’t let an errant apostrophe go by my my husband who is a proper linguist a scholar of Latin and Greek really thinks I’m being pedantic about this and he says have you ever heard an apostrophe pronounced you can speak perfectly well to people without using apostrophes like I don’t care I won’t listen grateful and I don’t see why students shouldn’t learn it too besides they might want to get themselves tattooed in which case of apostrophes in the wrong place they’ll be ashamed of life but the stuff over there under the universal and essential that’s the stuff to really pay attention to if you’re getting feedback that you’ve your margin isn’t wide enough or the format of your references is a bit skew with okay.

That’s something you can fix next time and lecturers might get cross if my other third essay is not fixed but it’s a minor matter compared to the stuff over there and the spelling and the apostrophes well maybe you’re going to be great and famous and you’ll have a PA he’ll fix all that stuff for you anyway but in the meantime you’ve got to be great and famous and and get there okay so these particular and important these are just the rules that used to be current and sociology when I was still teaching and they vary from place to place and whoever is asking you to submit an essay will provide you with a list of these kinds of rules I always wanted those damned for center meta margin so I had room to write my comments in and if some kid wrote something with no margins backed there was just no room for me to express myself which was very annoying the forms of documentation and Harvard system otherwise known as the author-date system for building graphical details and a numbered footnote one which you’re not using in this course.