Personal Finance Case Study: What College Should I Attend?

This case study is just one resource in our comprehensive Next Gen Personal Finance curriculum.

Case Study Summary

Description:​ In this Case Study, students assume the role of guidance counselor to help students clear their misconceptions about the sticker price of college and other important factors they should consider when choosing a school.

Internet Usage: ​None

Spreadsheet Skills: ​None

Alignment to Paying for College Unit Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to
● Describe the costs of a college education
● Distinguish between the sticker and net price when it comes to college costs
● Understand the current trends of increasing student loan debt and its impact on students

What College Should I Attend?

Guidance counselor Susan Smith works at Ordinary High School, and it’s springtime. That means one thing: college
decisions! Over the past few days, seniors have been receiving their acceptances and financial aid packages. This is a
crucial time where students only have a few days left to make the enormous decision of where they’ll be attending
college. A number of students will be stopping by Susan’s office today to share their results and seek her advice.