Example of Finance Case Study Part I

Student #1 ­ Jordan

The first student in Ms. Smith’s office is Jordan. He’s so excited! He’s been accepted into his top three colleges and
has everything figured out. He’s coming into the office to announce his decision with pride.

Jordan​: Ms. S, I got all three of my acceptances yesterday, and I’ve made my decision! Can you guess what it is? Ah,
nevermind, I can’t wait! I’ve decided to go to…

Ms. S: ​Jordan, hold on a second. Before you decide, let’s look at some numbers.

Jordan:​ Ms. S, I’ve never been that great at math. Can’t we just skip that and get to the part where I tell you what
school I’ve decided on?

Ms. S: ​[Pulls out a chart] Why don’t you take a look at this? It’s got some important information about the three
schools you’ve been accepted to.

Jordan: ​[Reviews the chart for a few second, and begins talking quickly. Here’s the highlights of what he says]

● Well, now I’m sure GoodTimes U. is the place for me!
● I want to go to a school that accepts more students, since it means they will have better students.
● It also has the best student:faculty ratio. I couldn’t see going to a school where there are 20 students to 1 teacher.
● Besides, when I visited FineState U., I sat in on an introductory class with over 200 students.
● I like GoodTimes’ lower graduation rate; it must mean the coursework in harder, so not everyone graduates.
● I’m not sure what loan default means, but a higher rate is probably good, right?
● I can’t wait to sign my acceptance letter to GoodTimes U. and get going!

Ms. S also had found that many students don’t consider money and how they’re going to pay for college when
choosing a school. She pulled out another sheet of paper with some facts on it and handed it to Jordan.

Jordan:​ [Takes a moment reviewing the Financial Aid summary, and then responds. Here are the highlights of what
he says:]

● I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to get into a school like GoodTimes U. Look at how much it costs! Clearly since it’s more, it’s a better school. I mean, who would drive a Kia when they can drive a Ferrari? I don’t want a cheap education.
● GoodTimes is giving me a $26,000 scholarship! That’s awesome! I’m getting thousands of dollars less from those other schools
● I haven’t talked to my parents yet, but I know when they see how much money I’m getting from the school they’ll support me. And the rest I can take out in student loans!