Common Mistakes For Essay Writing

Students will at times go in and you know maybe it’s microsoft word or whatever word processing software they’re using and they will go into the via source and they will just use words the face you know are supposed to be tendons so if you did that for the sentence you could take it is my greatest dream to come and study at your university and turn it into it is my paramount fantasy to originate and scholarship at your academia this is the exact same sentence except I just went in and used the synonyms for each of the words you know throw out the sentence the second sentence makes absolutely no sense and conveys nothing to me. Discover common mistakes in essays at Edusson.

I don’t know what it means other than the fact that I know that you were just trying to sound smart and that again is something we don’t want students to do we want to use words they know so very important use if you don’t know 100% what a word means you should not be using it in a sentence because it turns into something along these lines so stick with words you know we don’t expect you to have you know this ornate knowledge of the entire dictionary so avoid just using these words and making these changes some other common mistakes that students make writing more than is requested it’s a comma snake here in the US and all of our schools we receive hundreds if not thousands of essays every year from students applying to our schools for that reason we put a limit on the word the words or the length of the essay that were requesting from students so for example if a school asks you for five hundred to one thousand word essay and you give them 2,000 or 2,500 words that’s not something that’s really setting you apart in a good way it’s something that you know again I don’t have time to read you know all these twenty five hundred word essays.

I’ve asked you to write five hundred to the thousand words and that’s what I expect you to do so don’t go above and beyond and think you’re doing more than these requests and that’s gonna be a great thing for us a lot of times we look at that like oh gosh look at this really long essay I don’t have time to read this similarly the to that though is writing less than requested is a common mistake students make again this shows that you’re not willing to do at the bare minimum that we are requesting of you if we asked again for say five hundred to a thousand words and you give me three hundred and fifty words you couldn’t even give me you know five hundred words that I’m asking for again this is setting yourself apart in the way you don’t want to be doing so make sure you know the word count or the size limit for what they’re asking for and that you’re actually meeting their requirements.