Read Feedback For Your Work

There was a lovely young woman lecturing for a while she was a very intelligent girl my god she was nervous neurotic I was talking to her about feedback and she said I never read any of the feedback on my university essays I’d get them I’d look at the grade throw them in a […]

Essay Writing Guide

Thesis Frames Paragraph Writing Descriptive Paragraph Compare and Contrast Paragraph with a Secondary Source Definition Paragraph Definition Example Paragraph with a Primary and Secondary Source Research Paragraph with a Secondary Source Analytical Paragraph with a Primary Source Analytical Paragraph with a Secondary Source Introductions Introduction for Descriptive Essays Introduction for Compare and Contrast Essays Introduction […]

Example of Finance Case Study Part I

Student #1 ­ Jordan The first student in Ms. Smith’s office is Jordan. He’s so excited! He’s been accepted into his top three colleges and has everything figured out. He’s coming into the office to announce his decision with pride. Jordan​: Ms. S, I got all three of my acceptances yesterday, and I’ve made my […]

Personal Finance Case Study: What College Should I Attend?

This case study is just one resource in our comprehensive Next Gen Personal Finance curriculum. Case Study Summary Description:​ In this Case Study, students assume the role of guidance counselor to help students clear their misconceptions about the sticker price of college and other important factors they should consider when choosing a school. Internet Usage: […]